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Take My Breath Away!These days, a lot of us are wearing masks in public. This allows us a chance like none other to really notice how we smell! If you are noticing that your breath is a little funky, you are not alone, and we have some tips and tricks for...

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Do I Need To Replace All My Metal Fillings?

Do I need to replace all my metal fillings?At Johnston Dental, we believe in only replacing metal fillings when needed. The ADA, The New England Journal of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, FDA, and the medical/dental field in general find that metal (also called...

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How can I make my teeth whiter?Did you see the trend on a popular social media platform where the user applies a selective color filter to show only yellow, and then smiles to see if their teeth are yellow? If you happen to have tried this or have been...

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Is Your Office Kid Friendly?

Is your office kid friendly?Absolutely yes! We LOVE seeing kids. Our staff loves to interact with children and take time to make them feel safe and welcomed. It is not uncommon to see a child wearing a mask and gloves and learning how to “help” during a...

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My baby is having trouble latching, what is a frenectomy?If we say someone is “tongue tied”, we refer to someone that is too shy to speak. Did you know this phrase originated from describing people whose tongues lacked mobility due to a short frenum? If...

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Eruption Cysts

What are these lumps in my teething baby’s mouth?“WHAT IS THIS?!” It can be really frightening to see a big purple lump on your baby’s gums! Thankfully, this is a common occurrence when a tooth is coming in. These bumps are called eruption cysts, or...

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Epstein Pearl

What are these white bumps in my infant’s mouth?Fear not, new parents! In the midst of diapers, night feedings, and sleep deprivation, it probably caused your heart to sink when you noticed little white bumps in your baby’s mouth. While it may be alarming...

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Help! I Have A Chipped Tooth! What Do I Do?

If you have a chipped or broken tooth contact Johnston Dental as soon as possible. In life, accidents happen and teeth break, chip and fracture – you don’t need to panic, but you will want to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. A small chip in...

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TMJ Exercises Relieve Jaw Tension

TMJ RESTING POSITION Tongue touching the roof of your mouth Teeth slightly separated If clenching teeth at night a resting splint may be helpful TMJ ROTATION: Tongue touching the roof of your mouth Open and close mouth, as is comfortable; The movement is to be pain...

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